Technical product guidelines

Technical product guidelines
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Euroepan TV market 2007 - 2012 / Energy efficiency before and during the implementation of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling legislations

Overview of the market trends concernign televisions and the impact of energy labelling and ecodesign on energy efficiency and market penetration of energy efficient TV models.

July 2013
Assessment of the applicability of current EC correction factors and tolerance levels for domestic refrigerating appliances

The report reviews the appropriateness of refrigeration correction factors, the level of verification tolerances permitted under the ecodesign and energy labelling Directives, and the issue of appropriate volume measurements, with a view to drafting recommendations for future policy changes.

August 2012
Cooling Benchmarking Study Compares Air Conditioner Efficiency in Major World Economies

Summary of CLASP study providing policy makers and energy efficiency program managers with tools and important insights for developing or updating test procedures, labels, and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for room air conditioners (RACs).

All documents for download here.

February 2012
Product Criteria Paper on Washing Machines

Criteria paper document for washing machines of the Europ Topten Plus project summarises the latest technical and legislative developments related to the energy performance of household washincg machines.

June 2011
Policy recommendations for room air-conditioners
Topten International 

Guidance for the selection of the most energy efficient room air-conditioners (1.1MB)

March 2011
Energy Savings in Practice
Coolproducts campaign 

The report proves that huge energy savings can be made in household appliances, particularly in heating equipment, with financial savings of up to €44 billion a year for European consumers. To achieve these savings, however, ambitious ecodesign regulations must be adopted urgently. (0.9MB)

December 2010
4E Benchmarking Document – Televisions
International Energy Agency implementation agreement 4E 

This document explains the overall conclusions from mapping of television performance standards in six countries, comparing trends and performance in the countries mapped. (0.9MB)

October 2010