Energy labelling legislation in the project countries

The implementation of the EU legislation on appliance labelling within each Member State may require adaptation to each national legislative system.  Although the implementation measures themselves do not have to be transposed, there might be need for transposition in the areas of market surveillance, public procurement, and promotional activities.   The ComeOn Labels project partners will  compare the way in which the EU legislation is  transposed  into national law, what organisations are in charge of  implementation (controlling labels in shops and testing products), systems of fines, national implementation procedure, main adaption issues and national differences, etc.

Labelling in project countries
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Energy labelling related market surveillance activities evaluated in 13 countries
CoL consortium 

Throughout the duration of the Come On Labels project, the consortium has worked together with market surveillance authorities in identifying and increasing the level of energy label compliance. Part of the project was also to conduct a monitoring of the practical level of surveillance activities conducted. Please, find the document summarising the level of surveillance activities related to energy labelling.

March 2013