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Project Documents
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New energy labels on air-conditioners and other products explained in Malta

New energy labels, as used for air-conditioning units and other product groups, such as TVs, are explained in new materials produced in English by a project partner in Malta - in the format of  poster and bookmarks.

June 2013
Come On Labels Final Publishable Report

June 2013
Status of proper label display revealed in Malta

The status of proper energy label display in shops in Malta has been published by a press release, and taken over by both the printed and electronic version of the Sunday Times of Malta dayly newspaper.

May 2013
Come On Labels retailer training in Malta
Projects in Motion Ltd. 

The Maltese project partner in collaboration with the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority organised a retailer training at APLAN appliances, The Atrium".

November 2012
Retailer training manual (MT)

July 2012
The new EU Energy Label. Information for Retailers and Suppliers in Malta
Projects in Motion Ltd 

In Malta, an informative leaflet for retailers and suppliers was prepared in August 2011. Information provided on the leaflet includes general information about the new product energy label scheme, obligations that arise from the EU-wide implementation of this new scheme for retailers and suppliers, information about common label elements and elements specific to certain appliance types. Finally, the leaflet includes information about the Come On Labels project, contact details of the project partners and highlights the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The leaflet was circulated to several hundreds of retailers and suppliers in Malta in fall 2011.

Second edition of the leaflet was prepared in May 2012 and will be used at the main national dissemination events.

May 2012
Labelling seminars for stakeholders in Malta
Projects in Motion Ltd 

Programme and presentations from stakeholder seminar on product energy labelling for representatives of the government authorities, retailers, and suppliers.

March 2012
The Malta Independent on Sunday on energy labels
Projects in Motion Ltd 

Article on the EU energy labelling in the Malta Independent daily newspaper, including the Come On Labels project activities.

January 2012