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Project final event in Latvia

04. 06. 2013

Find here the information about the project´s final event organised in Latvia. In case of your interest for more information or to obtain the presentations in Latvian language, please, contact the project organisers.

New energy label information materials circulated widely around Greece

03. 06. 2013

The information materials that were produced within the Come On Labels project in Greece (e.g. posters and leaflets) were distributed in 89 municipalities across Greece. The material was displayed in municipal premises, so that both consumers and municipal employees could be informed about the new energy labels of electric household appliances. Municipalities of different size and geographical position were selected, so that an important number of citizens across the country could be reached.

Series of articles on energy labelling published in Spain

01. 06. 2013

News and information about the Come On Labels´National Event, third shop visits and  the National Report of the situation of the new energy labels have been published recently in Spain by the project partner ESCAN. Find the articles (in Spanish) here.

Training manual on the new energy labelling of air conditioning systems in Greek language published

31. 05. 2013

The Greek project partner, CRES, has prepared and printed a training manual on the energy labelling of air conditioning systems. The manual explains the new energy labels, the main characteristics of the new legislation, the obligations of suppliers and retailers, how the energy labels should be displayed both in retail shops and in internet shops and how the market will be affected by ecodesign requirements. The manual was welcomed by SVEIS (greek national CECED office) and it will be distributed to its members, as well as to other interested relevant stakeholders.

Project newsletter no.8 in Greek

30. 05. 2013

Find here the latest edition of the project newsletter in Greek language, circulated nationally to relevant stakeholders.

Project Newsletter in Portuguese

29. 05. 2013

The 5th newsletter in Portuguese with the latest documents produced and activities carried out within the consortium partners and in Portugal.

Status of proper label display revealed in Malta

28. 05. 2013

The status of proper energy label display in shops in Malta has been published by a press release, and taken over by both the printed and electronic version of the Sunday Times of Malta dayly newspaper. Find the press release and the articles here.

New energy label guidebook in Portugal - 2nd edition

27. 05. 2013

A new and updated edition of the pocket guidebook was printed in 500 copies. This publication explains the new and old energy labels, how to display the labels in shops, producers´ and retailers´ obligations, market surveillance authorities activities and possible penalties and the timetables for the new energy labels and ecodesign requirements implementation. The pocket guidebook is being delivered to shops, manufacturers, consumers' organizations, energy agencies and national authorities in Portugal.

New energy labels explained in Latvia

24. 05. 2013

Find enclosed here a leaflet explaining the new energy labels to consumers in Latvian language, elaborated by Ekodoma, the Latvian project partner.

Energy labelling related market surveillance activities evaluated in Spain

21. 05. 2013

The Spanish version of the evaluation of the market surveillance activities contains a summary of the surveillance activities in the 13 EU consortium countries, and the detailed information related to the situation in Spain.

Detailed overveiw of energy label display in Italy

20. 05. 2013

The Italian project partner, ENEA, has elaborted a detailed overview of the presence of energy labels in Italian points of sales, analysing the label display in relations to the product types, shop types, regions, and other characteristics. Find the document and its findings HERE.

Energy labels presented in Greece

17. 05. 2013

On the 17th of April 2013, the Greek partner CRES presented the new energy labels during the Forum on Energy and Energy Efficiency organized by the municipality of Aspropirgos (Attica, Greece). Find more details here.

Project Newsletter no.7

16. 05. 2013

The Come On Labels project organisers have issued the Newsletter n.7, summarising the latest significant project´s activities. Find it HERE.

Benefits and challenges of product databases for energy labelling related market surveillance

15. 05. 2013

The information about individual product compliance tests in the EU is fragmented and not centrally available, not even to the surveillance authorities. The main goal of this document is to investigate how far the use of product databases can contribute to improving the exchange of information on market surveillance actions and results between authorities and towards other stakeholders.

Displaying information from the energy labels in distance selling

14. 05. 2013

When purchasing products with energy labels on the internet or by catalogues, the energy label as such does not have to be displayed. The labelling legislation, however, prescribes a specific set of information which has to be published. The Come On Labels´ project research has shown that often part of that information is missing. Find HERE a document, summarising the infomration, which has to be made available when offering products for sale in cases where the consumer cannot be expected to see the product displayed.

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