Information about appliance tests in 2011 – 2013

The Come On Labels project is not only about formulating ideal best practice activities within energy labelling. It is also about monitoring real activities in individual countries, and about supporting relevant stakeholders in undertaking them more frequently or in more detail. One way of undertaking such activity is to collect information about product tests, related to their label compliance and energy consumption, which are carried out in individual countries, and exchange this information among the stakeholders at both national and international level.

The documents listed below contain information about the known product tests and related activities organised within the project. Examples include informing the national authorities and, if relevant, corrective action taken, the reaction of national manufacturer offices to both negative and positive test results, and media and public organisations informed about the on-going work so that  public confidence is increased with regard to energy labelling.)

  • Summary list 1 (August 2011)
  • Summary list 2 (April 2012)
  • Summary list 3 (due in May 2013)



Appliance tests
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Appliance testing - Summary list 1

The document provides information about product testing, undertaken in order to verify energy consumption related information on the product energy labels. This first edition focuses on the results of the ATLETE project, which undertook full energy label compliance testing for 82 randomly selected refrigerating appliance models.

August 2011
Appliance testing - Summary list 2

The Come On Labels project has prepared an updated list of information about the activities undertaken related to the energy labelling verification testing around the EU as well as in Australia.

April 2012
Appliance testing - Summary list 3

One of the on-going activities of the Come On Labels project has been the collection and evaluation of product compliance tests. Three updates of the document have been issued within the project, find the third edition, containing test samples from the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, etc., and  summarising the planned test activities of a range of European projects.

February 2013