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Individual project partners will each disseminate at national level the information about the appliance tests undertaken to verify energy consumption in accordance with the energy labelling requirements . Dissemination will be targeted at  the respective manufacturers (where they have national or regional offices), public surveillance (monitoring and control) agencies, consumer groups and other interested experts, as well as the media . Note that the test results will be issued/confirmed by other authorities, the project itself will not test any appliances.

Partners will therefore try to motivate stakeholders for more action, increase visibility and importance of the appliance compliance tests, in order to increase public confidence in this energy efficiency tool.

The information published here in mid 2013 will summarise the experience of project partners with this activity, feedback received, reactions from the stakeholders, etc.

If you are  interested in more information about the project activities in this field, and would like to communicate about specific tasks, contact the coordinator or national partner.

National activities
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Appliance Testing - National activities related to information exchange on market surveillance actions & results
CoL consortium 

One of the activities organised within the Come On Labels project was the collection of examples of international cooperation related to product surveilance testing. Enclosed find a document, focusing on examples of European and international exchange of experience and information related to product testing. Examples include regional sharing of test results, authority testing in a foreign laboratory, or a description of a set of information shared within European projects focused on product testing.

February 2013