Proposal of European appliance test results exchange

Based on the partner’s experience with appliance testing (such as availability of information, number of tests, interest of stakeholders, distribution of information, feedback and corrective action taken), partners will evaluate the current experience with European exchange of information about product tests and will discuss the effectiveness and conditions to launch such mechanisms on a permanent basis between the national Market Surveillance Authorities. Related issues such as responsibility for such action, funding and EU official bodies support will be also addressed.

Results will be disseminated also among the international organisations and experts active in this field, or projects, initiatives or activities active at the same time, including also the national surveillance authorities.

This document will be published in Spring 2013. If you are interested in discussing the scope of this activity, please, contact the co-ordinator or the national project partners.

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Product testing and market surveillance - opportunities for an effective exchange system

Energy labelling and ecodesign are a crucial driver for market transformation, orienting consumers’ choice towards more energy efficient appliances. Unfortunately, not all EU Member States apply effective actions for controlling the correct labelling implementation and product compliance. The Come On Labels project therefore has analysed the question of information and test results exchange among Member States and related bodies, in order to draw some recommendations to be shared. The main goal of this document is to collect available information and practices about the sharing of surveillance activities at EU and Member States level, and to describe the recently published Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package that includes new recommendations and obligations for market surveillance authorities.

April 2013