Replacement of old appliances

Statistical information about the stock of appliances used in European households suggests that many households use old appliances, which are very energy inefficient. It can make sense for many consumers to consider an earlier replacement of their appliances, with acceptably short payback times.


The goal of this project activity is to review and analyse the experience to date, and to explore methods of fostering the acceleration of replacement of old, less efficient installed appliances in use with new efficient ones.


We will conduct research at national level on available statistical data, if and what promotion tools have been applied in recent years or  are currently in place, and if the introduction of any new ones is likely in the near future. Based on this compilation, activities will be analysed and discussed to identify the best practice elements of such programmes:


  • Existing statistical information on the state and age of appliances in households and its energy / environmental consequences.
  • collection of already applied tools for appliance early replacement (currently or in recent years) and their positive/negative results.


The EU energy label will always be the selection criteria for the replacement of old appliances with more efficient ones to ensure that common background and principles will be used regarding the technical specification of the products.