Description of project activities

Based on the document prepared in the section above, project partners will involve national stakeholders (mainly government organisations) in discussions, if and which mechanisms may be appropriate on an individual national level.


The document due to be published in this section in April 2013 will contain information about activities undertaken in individual consortium countries. Please contact the project co-ordinator or the individual national project partners, to obtain more information or discuss eventual cooperation.


Description of activities
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Product replacement schemes evaluated
CoL consortium 

Energy labels are considered as an effective tool to promote energy efficient appliances, but other programmes are also being organised to further support the replacement of appliances - to take place quicker or choosing more efficient models. Find a document summarising and evaluating product replacement schemes being organised within the duration of the project and in the countries covered by the project consortium.

April 2013
State of the appliances in Italy: an overview of household equipment in use

Survey on penetration of domestic appliances in Italian households and their energy efficiency levels.

September 2012