Information about the new EU energy labels

About new energy labels
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Energy Labelling - State of play and conceptions for future
European Commission / Unit for Energy Efficiency 

This article sheds light on some of the key issues related to the future of energy label building on the first inputs available from stakeholders.

March 2013
The new EU energy label explained

Leaflet by DEFRA on the new EU energy label.

May 2011
La nouvelle étiquette énergie 2011

New Energy Label explained in French by FEA, Association Suisse des Fabricants et Fournisseurs d’Appareils électrodomestiques

May 2011
New energy labelling - Czech

Brochure in Czech on the changes in EU energy labelling. (0.8 MB)

April 2011
Questions & Answers: new energy labels for televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines
European Commission, Directorate General for Energy 

Brief overview and explanation about the new energy labels in the FAQ format. (17kB)

September 2010
New EU Energy Label
CECED – European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers  

Leaflet introducing main novelties in the EU labelling legislation